Monday, March 30, 2009

Colorado Kid!

These pictures were back from when we went to Colorado in April... I forgot to post them! :)

~sarah j.

Colorado Bound!

Dad, Mom, John, Sam and I went to Colorado right before the San Antonio Qualifier. On the way back our car's transmission broke and we ended up staying two extra days in an almost desserted LITTLE town! :D Someone came up with a brilliant idea, rent a car! Dad, Sam and I rented a car and drove it back to San Antonio.... (after giving a lot of people a pretty big scare, especially my partner, about possibly not making it back into town in time for the San Antonio Qualifier). Without a further sad thought about leaving Mom and John in the almost dessert town, we departed!
Haha, just kidding... :) Dad was able to locate a mechanic and the car was temporarily fixed, Mom and John were able to return to San Antonio a couple of days later!! Praise the Lord.... :)

Here are some skiing photos:

John going off a jump!

Sam going off a jump!

Landing a really hard jump...

One word: Awww....! :D

Dad and John on the ski lift...

Camel Rock
John going off a jump...

Sam from far away!

John from far away!

Closer view of Camel Rock...

~ sarah. j

Speech and Debate Tournament in Houston!

HCC Sign
Johanna's Beautiful sign

Just a little tired? :)


The Jumes Kids!


Highlighting scripts!

Half of the group...

More highlighting...

Hanging out between debate rounds and speech patterns!

Anxiously awaiting the results on who made it to Regionals!

Club "Impromtu Sales Pitch"

Sleeping on duty! :D

I think they were trying to sell a pen...

Deep Discussion...

"Putting on" the kettle!

"Stamping" letters... :D

Aaron's Humorous...

~sarah j.

MASTERS 2009! Rock on! :D

Here are a few pictures from MASTERS. I mentioned MASTERS in one of my earlier posts, here are some pictures from it in January! The Clarks, Jaax, Isaac Sommers, Jumes, Richardsons, Justin Voeller and Mom, Sam and I all went. We were the biggest club by far! :D

The three contestants:

United Nations debating whether or not to save the U.S. from the missle deployed from Vietnam!! (Vietnam had something against the canidate from the U.S. :)


Planning devious plans....

A crash in the market!

Our whole entire club was the state of Alaska...

A table picture by Mom! Celebrating (after a long hard day of debate) at the Chessecake factory!

Maddie, Emily and Me

The group that went to MASTERS! (minus one)

The "special" or not so special people chosen for the act...


They were pumpkins!! :D

A class taught by Nathan Brown!

Wendell Moon.

Mark and Emily got 1st!!!! oh yay....

I can't remember what speaker place Mark got, but it was high!

Another crazy act done by: Wendell
Everyone that went to MASTERS came back with a lot more information and a new enthusiasm for debate! :)
~sarah j.