Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Father's Day... a little late :)

Happy Father's Day!!

There is no other person that I would be more proud to call my Dad. He is the greatest example of a Dad, husband and role model for me. :) I am grateful to know that he will never stop correcting me, helping me through hard times in life, and well... everything!

He is truely everything I could have ever asked for in life and I am grateful to God for the man that he is.

May God continue to bless you Daddy! I love you so much!!

~sarah k.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who won?

 Team Policy Debate

33rd Kays-Kays

32nd Carr-Shipsey

31st Caiello-Schirmer

30th McPeak-Trefzger

29th Burk-Meihaus

28th Clark-Silva

27th Minchin-Minchin

26th Brawner-Carter

25th Mayer-Rose

24th Lam-Vilim

23rd Personius-Schlaudraff

22nd Harding-Pinero

21st Livingston-McLean

20th Bozarth-Pugh

19th Bast-Bast

18th Paul-Wolkenhauer

17th Ciandella-Min

16th Butler-Kostov

15th Aboreden-Hebdon

14th Duffy-Ma

13th Olsen-Olsen

12th Craig-Ehrett

11th Lichlyter-McCroskey

10th Guardino-Silva

9th Snyder-Snyder

8th Carabelos-Craddock

7th Beekerdite-Davis

6th Bode-Bode

5th Curry-Marchini

4th Beasley-Olson

3rd Townes-Townes

2nd Bruno-Stevens

1st Dasgupta-Rehn

Lincoln Douglas Debate

18th Tara Trask

17th Holly Trujillo

16th Joshua Peterson

15th Maddie Doucet

14th Matthew Silver

13th Steven Johnson

12th Adam Bueltel

11th Nathaniel Jennings

10th Joshua Smith

9th Landon Webber

8th Cari Peacock

7th Kaitlin Nelson

6th Shane Baumgardner

5th Chase Harrington

4th Adam Nasser

3rd Jon Chi Lou

2nd Kayla Griesemer

1st Andy Hudson

Friday, June 19, 2009


This is officially the LAST round... who ever wins this round is in fact the, 2009 Championship winner for speech and debate!!!

Team Policy Debate Finals: Bruno/Stevens vs Dasgupta/Rehn

Lincoln Douglas Debate Finals: Andy Hudson vs Kayla Griesemer

Go Bruno/Stevens!!!

~ sarah j.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


It is down to the final rounds in the 2009 National Speech and Debate Championship!
(Everyone highlighted is from Region 4, our club is in Region 4).


Aboreden, Nassir

Aschmutat, Jake

Cooper, Aaron

Inglis, Julie

Johnston, Kaitlyn

Meihaus, Michael

Powell, Shannon

Schalin, Andrew

Townes, Nicolas

Dramatic Interpretation:

Aschmutat, Jake

Brister, Susannah C.

Davis, Levanna

Peterson, Joshua

Riley, Katie

Rock, Luke

Ruiz, Natalia

Willoughby, Melika

Duo Interpretation:

Adams - Adams

Gollahon - Storntenbecker

Jordan - Stroup

Kays - McLean

Lewis - Lewis

Reid - Rosenberger

Ricks - Ricks

Trujillo - Ward


Crandell, Courtney

Dauer, Cooper

Penson, Madeline

Pimpo, Stephen, Jr.

Reid, Christy

Riley, Katie

Schalin, Andrew

Vlaovich, Tiana


Aboreden, Nassir

Baumgardner, Shane

Griffith, Susanna

Hudson, Andy

Larimer, Grace

McNair, Andrew

Nelson, Kaitlin

Wolkenhauer, Samuel

Humorous Interpretation:

Fehlberg, Carly

Jordan, Emily

Latham, Brandon

Loomis, Noah

Luce, Austin

Roe, Stephen

Stalker, Ryan

VanWingerden, Hannah


Baumgardner, Shane

Clark , Kira

Griffith, Susanna

Hebdon, Alexandra

Nelson, Kaitlin

Paul, Rachel

Pelletier, Paul

Powell, Shannon

Townes, Nicolas

Open Interpretation:

Davis, Levanna

Gervais, Amy Beth

Jordan, Emily

Mulder, Amanda

Nogy, Alexandria

Powell, Shannon

Rehn, Jorgen

Townes, Nicolas

Umstattd, David

Original Oratory:

Aschmutat, Jake

Bradshaw, Katherine

Cabrera, Giovanna

Nasser, Adam

Powell, Shannon

Riley, Katie

Schalin, Kyle

Taylor, Caleb


Aboreden, Nassir

Clayton, Brady

Farrell, Risa

Johnson, Steven

Larimer, Grace

Miller, Lauren

Taylor, Audrea

Vlaovich, Talia

Now for the most exciting part... DEBATE FINALS!!

Lincoln Douglas Semi-Finals:

Griesemer. Kayla

Hudson. Andy

Lou. Jon Chi

Nasser. Adam

Team Policy Semi-Finals:

Beasley – Olson

Bruno – Stevens

Dasgupta – Rehn

Townes – Townes

Congratulations Region 4!!!

~sarah k.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The new debate resolutions have come out!! Now its time to start all the hard work and late nights, the long weekends at debate tournaments, and of course the new cases!! :D

TP: Resolved: That the United States Federal Government should significantly reform its environmental policies.
LD: Resolved: That competition is superior to cooperation as a means of achieving excellence.

Congratulations Max Clark, Sarah Mack and Aaron Macias for making it to Nationals!!! You guys are in our prayers! :)

~ sarah k.