Sunday, January 24, 2010

Business of Life

Ok, so I know I promised to post some pictures, but I am not going to be able to get them up until Feburary.

I am going to be so busy for the rest of this month!

First of all, we are leaving Wednesday to go to Dallas for another speech and debate qualifier. Oh and fyi, for all those ex-speech and debaters who where wondering, we went 3-3 at Houston.. :)

Then on Saturday night when the debate tournament ends, we are driving straight to Colorado to go skiing!!! So, I won't be back in the awesome city of San Antonio until Feb. 8th! :O

I know, people won't be able to survive without me around... but *try* to, ok? :P

God Bless y'all....


Monday, January 18, 2010

John is 21!!!!! :O

Wow, it seems like he isn't 21! But, as I scroll my mouse down to my start menu and look at the date, it states, "January 18th, 2010"... wow. (Or if you were on a mac.. look up and *bam* "January 18th, 2010" either way :P...)

I'll post some pictures of the "all men" party (when i get time :P) ... i was banished AFTER i got my ballots from Aaron!! :P

Anyways... Happy Birthday Bro! You're the best older brother... ever :) I love you a ton!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Houston!! YAY

We are in Houston!!!! Yeah, we are having a blast being hyper! :P

Tomorrow the first tourney starts officially!!

Tonight was script submission... and as Lizzy Beth can vouch.. I aced it! The woman loved my orderlyness.. and what not xP....

Sam and I were being randomly hyper.. not that we ever get hyper.. but yeah..


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years Stuff...

Even though its January 12th... I found this idea on a blog that I follow and really like the idea!

3 things I accomplished last year:

1) Flowed every single speech during my LONG TP rounds
2) Survived Cross Country
3) Discovered, that no matter your hair color... you can still be a blonde at heart :P

3 things I plan to accomplish this year:

1) Finish strong in debate
2) Be nicer to people (especially to Aaron Macias :P)
3) Not chat for a whole month... I am in that now... people you have NO idea whats it's like

3 embarrassing things that happened last year:

1) Walked into the wrong restroom
2) Hugged a guy who I *thought* was my brother for about... 7 seconds - they seemed to be minutes at the time though.. don't even comment on this
3) Idk.... I prbly did a million blonde things last year..

3 life-changing things that happened last year:

1) Started Speech and Debate
2) Dislocated my thumb
3) Got talked into dancing

3 things that happened last year that made me smile:

1) Someone asked me if I was 23... oh yeah :D... that prbly made my month or year
2) Got asked out... twice... actually no... I think I laughed, not smiled
3) Beat a couple teams in debate I thought I had lost to

3 random things that I didn't do last year:

1) Die
2) Have a normal life
3) Get a Mac computer

Anyways... :P... AND no... you can't quote me on any of these.. xP


Tournament Time

*insert epic music here*

YAY!!!!! The 2009-2010 debate season is FINALLY here! Tomorrow is the official day that the 1st one starts! :D I am totally ready to have fun, whether or not I have evidence for every case out there that any sane or insane person could come up with. xP

I have throughly syked myself out. :) Basically, if anyone was to drop in now... they would scream.. our living room is a total mess with debate folders EVERYWHERE.... i'm not joking or exaggerating.

So yeah... Sam and I are ready for everything!!! ok, maybe not everything.. but we are ready to just have fun and learn new things. :)

!!!!!!!!!!Everyone is going to do awesomely!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, January 1, 2010


I can't believe it is actually January 1st, 2010!!

More then ever it seems as if this year has gone by in a flash, I'm serious. All my friends and family seem to be growing up and going on with life.

We as a family always sit down on the first day of the new year and write down our goals of the new year. Some are short term others it will take all year to accomplish. The funnest thing is listening to what others have written down and being there to encourage everyone throughout the year.

This past year, as I said in my previous post, has been one where I have learned an incredible amount of knowledge and different lessons in life. I have truely had to just trust God in everything that I do. But, the one comfort I had throughout the whole year was that God would never leave me, no matter what I did, He was and is always there for me.

I also had very understanding parents that were there to love me and instruct me :P whenever I came to them.

Hope all of y'all have an awesome 2010!!!! God Bless....