Friday, January 1, 2010


I can't believe it is actually January 1st, 2010!!

More then ever it seems as if this year has gone by in a flash, I'm serious. All my friends and family seem to be growing up and going on with life.

We as a family always sit down on the first day of the new year and write down our goals of the new year. Some are short term others it will take all year to accomplish. The funnest thing is listening to what others have written down and being there to encourage everyone throughout the year.

This past year, as I said in my previous post, has been one where I have learned an incredible amount of knowledge and different lessons in life. I have truely had to just trust God in everything that I do. But, the one comfort I had throughout the whole year was that God would never leave me, no matter what I did, He was and is always there for me.

I also had very understanding parents that were there to love me and instruct me :P whenever I came to them.

Hope all of y'all have an awesome 2010!!!! God Bless....


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