Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Houston!! YAY

We are in Houston!!!! Yeah, we are having a blast being hyper! :P

Tomorrow the first tourney starts officially!!

Tonight was script submission... and as Lizzy Beth can vouch.. I aced it! The woman loved my orderlyness.. and what not xP....

Sam and I were being randomly hyper.. not that we ever get hyper.. but yeah..



  1. Lol, u guys :P rofl, sarah....the last pic...ur face xD its hilarious xP

  2. lol...Sam's face in the first one, w/ the phone xD

  3. Wow, Sam there is quite the character (and so are YOU)! I'll bet that those photos were taken with a computer/web/iSight camera. (am i right?)

  4. Wow, in one of those photos Sam looks so clueless... :P

    PS: Dont have to much fun or something might go teribble wrong. :D :D

  5. LOL! yep. dude, i still have our extra papers from script submission xD

  6. Uhm, sam? ok there? Haha, jk! These are cute guys. :)