Thursday, October 8, 2009

Officer Elections!!

Officers for HCC 2009-2010!! This year is going to be awesome!!! :)

President: Aaron Macias

VP: John Ryan Mack

Secretary: Sarah Dana

Treasurer: Conner Liberto

Evidence Ring Master: Samuel Dana

Librarian: Mary Miller

Sergeant at Arms: Doreann Sommers

Photographers: Grace Macias, Jacqueline Clark, and Samuel Dana

Cinematography: Leah Macias

Communication Specialist/Webmaster: Isaac Sommers

Jr. Leader: Sarah Mack, Jacqueline Clark, Mrs. Tedder

Apologetics Leader: Leah Macias

Community Platform Organizer: Mary Miller

~sarah k.

Monday, October 5, 2009

10 Top Questions asked of Homeschoolers...

Top 10 Questions asked of homeschoolers...

10. Do you have gym class? If you say yes, people look disappointed. If you say no, they tell you it’s not fair.

9. So, are you, like, a superfreaky genius employed by the government to stop terrorist attacks? Um, yeah... in the flesh!

8. So, do you get to do whatever you want all day? I don’t think so……

7. Who teaches you? The answer to this is “my mom”, which prompts the following question:

6. Did she, like, have to go to college to be a teacher?

5. Do you have to have a hall pass to go to the bathroom? This one always makes me laugh.

4. Does your mom make you read like a hundred books a day? This can be grouped with the 'do you have to' questions, such as “do you have to do chores?” or “do you have to practice your (insert instrument here) every day?” Of course! I am a slave... what do you think? No! :D

3. So, your school has the day off today? This drives me nuts.

2. Do you get to do school in your pajamas? This is easily one of the most-asked questions ever. (duh. that’s why it’s number two on my list.) I don’t totally understand this question, but I find it extremely amusing. Why do regular kids have such a fascination with our sleepwear?

1. Do you have any friends? I always say, “No, I’m destitute.” This has gotten me a LOT of weird looks. Usually people either sort of smile like they’re not sure if I’m serious and then find an excuse to leave. Anyone who laughs is instantly my friend. So far I think my band teacher is the only one who immediately understood that I was joking, which is sort of sad when you think about it. Is school to kids only a place to meet friends? Don’t they have neighbors, or friends at church, or something?

~sarah k.