Wednesday, December 30, 2009

End of the Year

Ok, so I decided to say something before this year ended... just so no one kills me :P I don't really have any photos since I am not on my user, so you will just have to read my boring reflections of the year... and my thoughts. mwahah...

Wow... 2009.... This year has been huge in my life. I guess I'll do a recap of what happened all year. *crowd groans* Sorry guys, if you're following by blog no excuse for you, but if you aren't... just sit through this and hate me later. :)


I got back into taking piano lessons..the AWESOMEST thing in life... YES... better than debate :O :D

John turned 20!

Went to the film festival and totally enjoyed it

MASTERS conference in TX! :)


Nothing too exciting here, but life went on


We started a consitution class at FEAST for some crazy reaason :P

Enrolled for Dual Credits... yeah, I still haven't forgiven whoever told Mom that"it is an excellent idea to make your children work their tails off and *maybe* get a final grade WAYY later in the year"


San Antonio Qualifier!!!!.. we almost didn't go cuz our car broke down and we were stuck in the middle of no where


Dad and John went to New Zealand and I got to work on dad's mac for a WHOLE WEEK! :P

Went to a random track and field meet and killed myself



John graduated from college

I went to Missouri for a week.. random fact there for ya :)

Sam had his knee examined - he hurt it skiing


Mom's bday :)

Erin and Josh's wedding shower at the Clarks


Surprise bday party for Zack

Free sandwich day at Chick-fil-a and dancing til midnight in the new store :P

Helped the Jaax move out of their house :/


Caleb and Lauren's Wedding!!! yay :D

Cross Country starts

Father/Son retreat in Colorado... Mom and I went to a YMCA there.. and sadly.. yes i admit to it.. I drove illegally and got the car stuck :P Don't even start on that with me..


Erin and Josh's Wedding!


More classes start for the semester.. ugh.. no more needs to be said

Eric and Hannah's Wedding!


More cross country

And apparently, we went to Houston.. I have no idea why.. yeah, I don't remember :)


We left HCC and went to ACTION for debate

Dad's Birthday!

Had Thanksgiving with the Clarks and Bairds


Frisco RR

Brenham RR

Macias' Christmas Party

Christmas Day! :)


Anyway, this year was pretty amazing. I've had my ups and downs, but the fun stuff totally over-ruled the unhappy stuff. With God, family, and friends... it really helps.. a ton :)

God Bless...