Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tournament Time

*insert epic music here*

YAY!!!!! The 2009-2010 debate season is FINALLY here! Tomorrow is the official day that the 1st one starts! :D I am totally ready to have fun, whether or not I have evidence for every case out there that any sane or insane person could come up with. xP

I have throughly syked myself out. :) Basically, if anyone was to drop in now... they would scream.. our living room is a total mess with debate folders EVERYWHERE.... i'm not joking or exaggerating.

So yeah... Sam and I are ready for everything!!! ok, maybe not everything.. but we are ready to just have fun and learn new things. :)

!!!!!!!!!!Everyone is going to do awesomely!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Good luck! Are you doing any speeches besides your DUO? I hope to see you at a later tourney!
    Have fun...
    -Mary M.

  2. Hey Mary,

    We are actually on our way out the door right now. :P.... I am doing DUO, Persuasive, TI and Apol this year! Hopefully you can come to a tournament this year!

    God Bless...