Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years Stuff...

Even though its January 12th... I found this idea on a blog that I follow and really like the idea!

3 things I accomplished last year:

1) Flowed every single speech during my LONG TP rounds
2) Survived Cross Country
3) Discovered, that no matter your hair color... you can still be a blonde at heart :P

3 things I plan to accomplish this year:

1) Finish strong in debate
2) Be nicer to people (especially to Aaron Macias :P)
3) Not chat for a whole month... I am in that now... people you have NO idea whats it's like

3 embarrassing things that happened last year:

1) Walked into the wrong restroom
2) Hugged a guy who I *thought* was my brother for about... 7 seconds - they seemed to be minutes at the time though.. don't even comment on this
3) Idk.... I prbly did a million blonde things last year..

3 life-changing things that happened last year:

1) Started Speech and Debate
2) Dislocated my thumb
3) Got talked into dancing

3 things that happened last year that made me smile:

1) Someone asked me if I was 23... oh yeah :D... that prbly made my month or year
2) Got asked out... twice... actually no... I think I laughed, not smiled
3) Beat a couple teams in debate I thought I had lost to

3 random things that I didn't do last year:

1) Die
2) Have a normal life
3) Get a Mac computer

Anyways... :P... AND no... you can't quote me on any of these.. xP



  1. Wow!! That was very interesting :D Im gonna do that on my blog

  2. That is hilarious! I couldn't help laughing very long and loud at all that! That is one of the most creative ways to sum up the year. (I've got to hand it to you- you have a pretty interesting last year.)
    Miss you and see you later!

  3. Lol Sarah…hahahaha…I would think that being a blonde would give one a quite interesting year (I wouldn't know, I am not one :P ) The saddest part was not getting a Mac xP…ARGH! How did you know I would want to quote you? darn… :P that was funny

  4. HAHA, thanks Mary!! Yeah I really like the idea.

    Isaac... w/e, you would so know. xP HAHAA, yes of course its sad!!! Um, yeah.. I was thinking you might wanna quote me.. thus I said that :P... Don't have too much fun this weekend at Stephen's... :D

  5. Well, Sarah, I know how hard no chat is. I have had basicly no chat for the last 3 months! And one of the random things I did this year was I got a Macbook Pro! Yehaw!